Backblaze object storage

Backblaze #

The following is the information needed in Backblaze object storage when you want to connect object storage to bqckup.

Information required from Backblaze

No Blackbaze Description
1 bucketname your-bucket-name
2 Endpoint
3 region name us-west-xxx
4 keyID ae332bdxxxxxx
5 applicationKey 00445a311xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sign in to Backblaze

Bucket name

Bucketname & Endpoint URL

Region name

and then we are ready to use Bqckup, next step is just put the credentials to your bqckup settings.

Connect your Space to Bqckup #

  • Log into bqckup and head to the connect your storage page
  • Pick “Object storage” as the storage provider and fill in the information we have obtained as shown in the following example.


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Updated on August 2, 2022

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