Linode Object Storage

Linode Object Storage

The following is the information needed in linode object storage when you want to connect object storage to bqckup.

No Digitalocean spaceĀ  Description
1 bucketname your-bucket-name
2 Endpoint
3 region name us-west-xxx
4 Key ID ae332bdxxxxxx
5 Secret key 00445a311xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sign in to your Linode control panel

Information required

Click object storage

Then click create a bucket

after that give your bucket name and choose the region of your storage, in this example my bucket name is bqckup and Singapore as it’s a region

and then this pop up will appear, don’t worry it’s just a confirmation about costs of the object storage, then click Enable Object Storage

a bucket has been created.

see the text inside the red rectangle, let’s separate them into 3 part

the first part is your bucket name,

second part it’s your storage region ID,

and last part it’s your endpoint URL,

next step is creating access key for your storage.

in the Linode Object Storage pages, click Access Key > Create Acecss Key, like the picture below

in this example I created user with backup as its name and with no limited access after you are done click create an access key

and this pop up will apear, make sure you save the credentials to somewhere else because you only able to see it once time,

and then we are ready to use Bqckup, next step is just put the credentials to your bqckup settings.

Connect your Object Storage to Bqckup #

To connect your object storage to the backup system, we recommend visit here for instructions to how to add it

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Updated on January 18, 2023

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