There is always a threat to a website – Why are backups so important?

Why are backups so important?

Currently, performing a backup of your server data is one of the safest ways to ensure that you are proactive about the security of your data. This way, in the event of a human or server failure, you can rest easy knowing that your server data is still elsewhere. With the help of backup software created by bqckup, you can take the initiative to protect your server data before something drastic happens.

As cyber-attacks become more and more frequent, it seems almost impossible to assure yourself that your data will not be corrupted or stolen. there must be a gap in a website or information system.

The backup software on bqckup offers easy copying of data from servers to various object storage providers in the event of a user error, file corruption, or physical disaster that renders important data inaccessible. With bqckup It can also protect sensitive business data in case of hardware damage, hacker penetration and many other threats posed to digitally stored information by running risk analysis.

Cause data loss

Data loss can be caused by many different factors, and each poses unique problems for data recovery. Hard drive damage causes the highest percentage of data loss, but human error and problems with software follow behind.

Human error

Human Error – Cause of Data Loss

Humans are imperfect — we all make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes are big. For a data server, this error can result in accidental deletion of data files or parts of coding. Without realizing it, you or your team can overwrite important files or delete important information for your data on the server. Human error can also play a role in many of the main causes of data loss, including hard drive failure, software corruption, and hard drive formatting.

One of the important steps to prevent human error in data handling is proper training. Make sure you or your team understand how data processing works on your server and how your backup system works.

Hard Drive Damage

Currently, the threat of most data loss occurs due to hardware malfunctions on the vps provider’s servers, with the main culprit being the hard drive. The hard drive is the most fragile part of a computer, and about 140,000 hard drives fail each week. Of these accidents, 60 percent were caused by mechanical problems and 40 percent were caused by human abuse or mishandling, including dropping or pushing a computer or laptop. Hard drives also have the possibility of a sudden crash.

The benefit key if you have cloud backup storage

  • Have access to complete copies of your entire website data and database.
  • Protect valuable data in the event of a network breach / physical disaster.
  • Automatic daily backup + restore information when any issue arises.
  • Increase confidence in your data server safety despite malicious threats

Why should you have a backup on cloud storage?

It doesn’t matter if your data is personal or business-related, If you are a web developer or have website data located on a server you should consider backing up your data. Anyone expecting an additional level of data loss prevention should consider using backup software to prevent loss rather than reacting without any backup available.

The bqckup we provide provides the ability to recover data if the original save location is deleted. By using bqckup we can also warn you when files are lost or the server has full capacity, which if this causes the server to fail for a moment you will get a notification in your email.


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